Training: MSA

Mastering of the Art of Service – That’s What Drives the Marcone Servicers Association

The Marcone Servicers Association works to continually improve the home service industry by being the first, best and most reliable source of practical information for the progressive servicer.

MSA provides its members with expert hands-on local training, access to resource libraries and a variety of business programs and personal benefits:



  • MSA Training: The Knowledge You Need – MSA Training brings you convenient, hands-on and virtualeducation courses taught by certified experts. Stay current on the latest in appliance repair, business practices, and industry trends with year-round classes held online and throughout the U.S. and Canada. We offer service professionals training in disassembly, installation, troubleshooting, diagnostics and proper tool usage for repairing the newest makes and models of major appliances. Students also get tips on improving soft skills like customer service, best business practices and management.
  • MSA Business: Benefits That Exceed – We offer you variety of programs and tools to help your business succeed. Benefits include iWallet payment processing and reputation management, JustPressOne workforce solutions, SearchKings Google advertising programs, ServicersWeb customer communication tools, business product discounts and more.
  • MSA Health: Care that Leads* – For small business owners, employee insurance and benefits can be one of the most expensive parts of running their business. MSA Health offers a variety of services that can help you reduce employee benefit costs while increasing the quality of coverage and care. *Not available in Canada.