Our Growing Family of Businesses

Acquisitions are an important component of the Marcone Group’s growth strategy. We strive to find partners who have built great businesses with strong teams and proud cultures. Our goal is to build upon and preserve your legacy. To achieve and maintain our goal to be North America’s largest supplier of residential and commercial parts, we focus both on strategic acquisitions and organic growth that is fueled through product and sales force expansion, as well as building new locations.

As a Marcone Group partner, you will enjoy:

  • Access to additional customers with the ability to serve them more efficiently and profitably.
  • Relationships with top leadership at every major vendor with enhanced buying power.
  • Increased service through access to Marcone corporate offerings such as technology, human resources, marketing, operations and finance.
  • Broader selection of career opportunities for employees.
  • Retention of cultural integrity—preserve your name and company legacy.
  • Continued investment in growth.
  • Access to customized, proprietary technology.
  • A flexible approach to the deal structure, helping you achieve your short- and long-term personal and professional goals.

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