Industry-Leading Technology

Marcone knows that making the right repair the first time is key to your profit margin. That’s why we developed Marcone AI, an innovative service that gives repair professionals solutions to even the most technical problems.

MarconeAI uses ChatGPT to direct technicians through a range of solutions related to their specific repair issue. It connects them to the most likely repair needed, along with the parts required to complete it.

My Marcone Mobile App
The MyMarcone app is our proprietary online portal that provides you with parts management and so much more. Your free account is your gateway to all of Marcone’s business tools that can help run your business more efficiently and profitably.

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My Parts Center
We all know that often consumers like to DIY some of their appliance repairs. Increase your revenue by referring them to Marcone for their fix-it-yourself parts. Hundreds of service companies across the United States are already experiencing the benefits of Marcone’s My Parts Center program. Here’s how it works:

  • Marcone supplies you with an exclusive toll-free number and 500 custom stickers to place on your company’s business cards or other marketing materials. These stickers give you the fast start to see results.
  • When customers call your new toll-free number, Marcone’s customer service agents will help them get the DIY parts that they need.
  • We answer your customer’s questions, take care of the shipping, handle the billing and process the returns so you don’t have to – all while you earn 15% of all net revenues!

There’s no contract, inventory or investment. Your $149 start-up fee includes your toll-free number and business card stickers. Plus, if you sell $1,000 in My Parts Center parts your first year, you’ll receive your $149 start-up fee back!

Communications Center Solutions
Let us help you ON CALL, ONLINE AND ON DEMAND. Our friendly, results-driven UCC answer team is here for customers, seven days a week. Get us live and online for your company in 48 hours.

Service Works
Marcone has partnered with Service Works to help you streamline your business and deliver a seamless customer experience. Service Works’ cloud-based platform makes it possible to automate many business processes, including dispatch, scheduling, customer management, real-time tracking and accounting. The simplified systems help reduce paperwork and allow owners to run their business from anywhere.