Pool and Spa

The Swimming Pool and Spa Professional’s Best Friend Since 1984

Great Plains Supply and Pool & Spa Products have been part of the Marcone Group family since 2022. Since the mid-1980s, Great Plains has been the trusted source of pool, spa and poolside equipment made by some of the best names in the business. We have the knowledge that comes from four decades of experience with the best brands in the aquatics industry. When it comes to choosing or finding the right products for your business, it’s our deep industry knowledge that often makes the difference between sinking or swimming. You can count on our guidance whether you’re solving a chemical or equipment issue, designing or servicing a luxury pool or spa environment and everything in between.

On Your Schedule and at the Right Price Point
Great Plains and The Marcone Group stock the pool and spa industry’s most popular products and brands, so you have one convenient source for supplies. With same-day shipping, connections with distributors and competitive pricing, you can focus on your business and customers instead of inventory or warehousing.

It takes a considerable amount of equipment and supplies to keep pool water clean and safe. You’ll find what it takes at Great Plains and Marcone. Our inventory of pool and spa supplies includes:

  • Pumps, filters and automation
  • Sanitizing and specialty chemicals
  • Pool heaters and lighting
  • Plumbing and white goods
  • Automatic cleaners and maintenance products
  • Motors, valves and other replacement parts

Extensive Inventory
Great Plains and Marcone are authorized distributors for more than 100 brands of pool and spa equipment and supplies.