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     Member Servicers Association
The industry’s largest servicer’s association that has over 1600 members!
The objective of MSA is to enhance the profitability of its members by providing quality business and technical training.
MSA offers nationwide classes that are conducted by MSA’s own full time trainer, Rick Kuemin. Rick is an industry veteran who joined the appliance service field with KitchenAid Appliances in 1979 as a district service manager. He has served in many positions with Whirlpool, Maytag, Scottsman, and Fisher & Paykel over the past thirty years. He has traveled and trained extensively with various appliance manufacturers. Rick has a solid background in management and customer service and is really looking forward to working in the training arena and developing the MSA Community.
MSA Offers Many Benefits To All Participants.
Other benefits associated with MSA include:
  • Free Online Training Classes (webinars)
  • Free Subscription to Marcone World Magazine
  • Free Website
  • Online Access to MSA Training Manuals
  • Discount on Technician Certification (MATTC)
  • Discount on Flat Rate Labor Guide
  • Health & Life Insurance Benefits
  • Discounts on Office Supplies
  • Discounts on HR Tools to Manage Employees
...and much more!
To learn more about the other benefits of MSA and how to sign up or find out when training will be in your area,
Go to