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Marcone was established in St. Louis, Missouri in 1932 during the Great Depression. Founder Harry Markow (1890-1975) began the business as a door-to-door salesman for rebuilt vacuum cleaners before moving into washer and dryer parts during World War II. 
In 1946, Harry's son Norman (Bud) joined the firm and continued the company's tradition of success. From Harry and Bud to Mitchell Markow in 1974, the company expanded with a combination of organic growth, acquisition, and dedication to customer service. 
Mitchell's philosophy of providing employees with the best in regard to work environment, benefits and job security served the company well as Marcone Appliance Parts continued to grow and gain respect as an industry leader. 
In 1999, Jim Souers was named President and CEO. Jim's 20 years with Marcone included responsibilities in accounting, operations, inventory, marketing and technology. Having developed SwiftLinkâ„¢ as the industry's premier integrated business software solution and having led the creation of a Marcone technology infrastructure second to none, Jim had an excellent background for the job that lay ahead. 
Over the past few years the company's Property Maintenance, Cooling and Heating markets have grown substantially. In 2011, Marcone was rebranded to incorporate our diverse portfolio of parts and services.
The foundation of Marcone's success remains in the belief that "Good people make a Great Company!" The company's reputation as the industry's most innovative and technologically advanced is continually nourished by a simple philosophy of:

  • Focus
  • Have Fun
  • Argue with Facts
  • Significance of Impact
  • Constant Change & Improvement

The ultimate vision for Marcone is to do "Good Business with Good Customers and Good Vendors." We are committed to providing solutions for our customers and vendors that make the distribution and supply chain a win/win situation for all involved.